Benefits to CIS workers:

  • Access to customer service team

  • Text and email notifications one payment have been made

  • Same day payments

  • Year End Statement of Earnings

NOTE:  New legislation came into effect on 6th April 2014 which affects the way that self-employed individuals are paid when they provide their services via an agency and are subject to supervision, direction or control (“control”) by anyone. The new legislation means that where an individual is subject to control, or if anyone has the right to control them, the payment made to them must be subject to PAYE and National Insurance contribution (NIC) deductions. Where your agency confirms that there is no control on your contract, we will be happy to pay you subject to the agreement of your agency.

Limited company

We can talk to you about setting up your own limited company but changes in April 2017 mean that Public Sector workers are assessed by the agency if they are inside IR35.