Tired of being let down? Contractor not paid correctly again? Fed up with being told you’ve missed the payment deadline? Then fear no more!

Introduction to Agencies

Our umbrella payroll service

When signed up to our Umbrella payroll service, the contractor becomes an employee of TJW and can therefore take advantage of all the benefits being an employee entails, including:

•Compliance with AWR
•Pensions auto enrolment
•Access to statutory benefits (i.e. SSP, SMP etc)
•Continuity of employment
•TJW Reward scheme available

Our solution

We are one of the most experienced payroll solution providers in the UK, currently providing services to the Automotive, Driving, Engineering, M&E, Public Sector, Rail, Technical, Healthcare and Construction Industries.

Out with the old and in with the new!


You can be assured of our personal attention at all times


Hassle free registration process – with application tracking to ensure fast registration


One email address for all correspondence


Just send us the contractor’s name and number – let us do the rest


Friendly efficient staff fully trained to answer all your questions


We run multiple payroll runs each working day

Our Accreditations

TJW our proud of our compliance accreditation.  So we can be assured that an outside accreditor has fully assisted how we operate and awarded us with Professional Passport accreditation.