Joint Employment

Joint employment is a key part of our PEO service, designed to help share the load.

TJW Joint Employment

Worker implication

Under the PEO model, the agency/end client partners with the PEO to employ workers under a joint employment contract which provides a number of benefits.

What is joint employment?

It is the sharing of control and supervision of an employee's activity among two or more businesses.


There are a number of benefits to both agency and workers. From VAT savings through to cash flow savings.

A list of benefits

• VAT savings between joint employers of 99%
• Cash flow savings and actual savings if using ID facilities
• Compliance savings – portability of workers and speed to get them to work
• Cost of insurance savings – we can reduce your insurance costs
• Overall reduction in admin, leaving you free to concentrate on core business
• Single tax code
• Outsourcing payroll where contracts state that the agency must be the employer (not previously allowed)

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