June 1, 2023

Contractors, have you ever not been paid because your client didn't submit your hours?

Are you worried your client won’t submit your hours to your agency when you're on holiday? Worried your money won't be in your account when you need it most?

Here’s what happened when a TJW contractor contacted us with such a problem.

 John was working on an assignment that he enjoyed, and the work had progressed well. TJW was processing his payroll weekly, and everything had gone smoothly.

Will my hours be submitted if I’m not there to chase them?

However, John contacted us to say that his client only ever submitted his hours to his agency after he had chased them. With a holiday coming up, John was concerned that his hours wouldn’t be submitted without him being there to chase, and he wouldn’t receive his money when needed.

Not a  problem for TJW.

Kieran, one of our fantastic payroll team members, noted in his calendar to check for John's hours for the week that he was on holiday. 

When the hours came across with John’s hours missing, Kieran immediately chased the agency. We received John's hours shortly afterwards.

We processed John's hours and paid him as usual without any delays.

John was extremely grateful for our support. Here’s what he had to say:

Kieran really made sure that I got paid on many occasions. He contacted the appropriate people when I was on holiday to make sure that I got paid on time. 

Thanks again for your great service, I would recommend TJW to all my colleagues.”