March 3, 2022

Invitations to tender

Over the past few months, TJW has been in a fortunate position to be invited to Tender for several potential new clients in and around the UK.

One of which, happens to be one of the biggest recruitment groups in the country. After speaking with all of them, I began to notice a pattern emerging.

They all seemed to be experiencing the same problems and issues at the moment.

• Reliability

• Payroll / Compliance

• Security

• Level of service

• On-boarding

Having the knowledge and experience I have in both the Recruitment and Payroll markets like I do, it became pretty clear to me where the issues were.

So, after the initial consultation, compliance checks and stringent framework targets were met, and a new transparent way of working was introduced.

I can now say that myself and TJW are over the moon that we have been able to help & assist once again and deliver what the clients have needed. We now look forward to working with some truly amazing new clients in 2022.