January 16, 2023

TJW Contract Solutions - An umbrella company that cares.

As the new year is a time to bring positive thinking and good intentions, we thought we’d kick off 2023 with some positivity. 

So, we’ve been working hard to build a complimentary set of benefits that don’t cost our contractors anything and make life that little bit easier when times are tough.

TJW Contract Solutions - a straightforward and transparent umbrella company

At TJW Contract Solutions, we couldn’t think of anything worse than misleading our contractors and recruitment agency clients. It’s why we’re always completely open with our processes, payments and deductions.

The margin we retain covers all our costs and is shown on every payslip we provide to our contractors. The deductions that we make cover the statutory deductions that every employer has to make.

We don’t charge hidden fees or make any deductions you can’t see or don’t know about.

TJW Contract Solutions - an umbrella company that cares

Along with our commitment to transparency, we’ve also added some tangible benefits for our contractors.

Our free TJW rewards scheme can help our contractors save money on everyday costs like food shopping. Getting cash back helps, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

We’ve also partnered with a mortgage broker specialising in contractor mortgages helping our contractors to get expert advice and mortgage deals to best suit their circumstances.

TJW Contract Solutions - a caring and transparent umbrella company.

At TJW Contract Solutions, we genuinely care about the welfare of our contractors.

Our contractors and clients can trust us to be transparent and reliable in everything we do. Nothing is hidden or disguised, and we’ll do everything we can to help and support you.

If you’d like to discuss how TJW Contracts Solutions can help and support you, then contact us on 01784 270300