October 3, 2023

Working on a contract via an umbrella company can be daunting.

Working via an umbrella company can be daunting if you’re new to contracting or even a seasoned contractor who has always had your own limited company.

With so many different parties involved in the process, it can be confusing, to say the least. One company to find you the job, one where you do the job and another to pay you for the job. It’s a lot to take in.

So, it’s only natural for contractors to want an umbrella they feel they can trust, an umbrella that explains things in simple terms, and an umbrella that is available and willing to answer all their questions.

Supporting contractors and explaining how umbrella companies work

At TJW Contract Solutions, we’re an umbrella company that genuinely cares about our contractors and agency partners.

When we get contractors who haven’t worked with umbrella companies, we go out of our way to ensure they are fully informed and prepared for what to expect. We always aim to ensure that the onboarding process is as quick, simple and efficient as possible; above all else, we ensure that we are there when a contractor needs us.

For new or inexperienced contractors, being there to answer any questions and give simple but effective advice is the best way to begin.

An umbrella recommended for new contractors

“But you would say that”, we hear you all say. And rightly so.

So, we’ve left it to Clark Spillane, one of our contractors, to explain why TJW Contract Solutions is an excellent choice for contractors looking for a professional and caring umbrella company.

"I am a long term contractor, previously under a Ltd company but with the changes due to IR35 I was required to start using the services of an Umbrella company in late 2020.

I had no prior experience of Umbrella companies and had already heard my fair share of cautionary tales to add to my reservations. However, I searched online for reputable Umbrella companies and TJW consistently came up in searches as a company that had great reviews and gave me the assurance that I would be dealing with a trustworthy company.

Upon initial contact I was called back by Darren Underwood who gave me exceptional support and a clear understanding of how Umbrella companies operated, how much it would cost me and how invoices were paid, as well as advice on how tax deductions were calculated. The onboarding process was extremely quick and completed in a matter of days, all completed online and any queries followed up on immediately.

Darren has been my point of contact at all times and was always there when I had an urgent query. Darren was always on hand to expedite and ensure I was paid within days of receiving invoices, this support has continued and I never have to worry about late payments or lost invoices.

I would recommend TJW to anyone that needs the services of an Umbrella company but I would specifically recommend to those who are new to Umbrella company work. The support and efficiency I have experienced from TJW, and in particular Darren, is worth every penny for the personalised and professional service new clients can expect to receive."

Clark Spillane

TJW Contract Solutions - An umbrella company that genuinely cares.

TJW Contract Solutions is an umbrella company that genuinely cares about the welfare of our contractors. Providing support, in whatever form, is vital to ensuring we do everything possible to make our contractors' lives simple and easy.

Find out more about how TJW Contracts Solutions can help and support you by contacting us on 01784 270300.

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